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Students Talk About Class Selections for 2018-2019 School Year

Words: Shawn Kruhm

Course recommendations and class choices for the upcoming school year have begun and students are starting to stress.

Many students at Centennial are involved in multiple activities outside of school. Having to find a balance between school and extracurricular activities is a struggle. This causes many high schoolers to stay up late and lose sleep. Overwhelming yourself with a large school workload and numerous activities is something students should take into consideration when selecting their classes.

Darian Avery, a sophomore at Centennial High School, said, “It’s not hard to be challenged at Centennial. With sports and other outside activities that require time out of your nights, it’s a challenge finding time to make it all work.”

Along with getting good grades to please both themselves and their parents parents, students want to do well in school to impress colleges. Most high schoolers have already started to think about their future. Many students want to take higher level courses, like junior Olivia Weakland to get into the school they want.

I want to take harder classes to challenge myself to look better for college,” Weakland said.

Challenging yourself is a good thing until it is taken too far. Stress starts to build up when students want to take more intense classes, but they do not know what will be too much.

Sophomore Sarah Sopchick said, “I stress about choosing the classes I’ll take next year because I want to make sure I find a good balance and I don’t want to overwhelm myself.”

As long as students know their strengths and weaknesses, they should not struggle or stress about their class selections. If the course they are taking is too challenging for them, they can always drop to a class that is less intense.

“I don’t stress about classes coming up next year. I don’t think there’s much of a reason to. Stressing over classes is pretty pointless because they are what’s tomorrow and people should focus on today,” said Centennial junior, Kieran Newell.

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