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Arming the Teachers

Words: Hibah Khan

After the fatal school shooting on February 14 at Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida, much discussion has sparked across the country about what must be done to solve the lethal problem that is school shootings. Discussion in Maryland has implied that the state has proposed arming the teachers with guns in order to further protect students from gun violence in the event of a school shooting. While a couple other states already have this idea in motion it is unlikely Maryland will follow in these footsteps. The idea was proposed by someone in Carroll County and most other people do not agree with this solution arguing that it will not promote peace and safety.

Different perspectives on the issue have been made apparent. Some include requiring teachers to always have a weapon on their person while some only require a few teachers in the building to carry a weapon. Regardless of how this change may be implemented, it is clear that in the event of this legislation being passed the atmosphere for the students and teachers in a classroom would change drastically. The perception of teachers by students may change as well. Currently, teachers are able to build healthy relationships with their teachers and view them as not only a role model figure but potentially a friend. Adding guns to this image will cause it to vary drastically, and this may or may not be best for a school environment.

“Being aware that a teacher has a gun would definitely make me feel unsafe in the school building” said sophomore Casey Stratton. “Schools are a place for learning not guns.”

“Installing more effective door stoppers or implementing a more effective safety protocol would do so much more than arming teachers” Stratton explained.

Proposals such as Stratton’s need to be made by not only the state government but the federal government as well. A highly publicized shooting followed by everyone protesting and then the entire event dying out is a cycle that needs to end. The leaders of our country need to be urgent in implementing the change that is necessary to preserve the future: the students of the United States of America.

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