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Centennial Welcomes First Ever Student-Run One Centennial

Words: Maddie Wirebach


Last Thursday, Centennial students had the opportunity to participate in the first-ever One Centennial event. The theme, Unity in Diversity, was aimed at helping students better understand the differences among them to ultimately unite Centennial as a school. With 28 workshops, the topics ranging from human trafficking to school safety, students were able to choose the workshop that interested them most.

The other element to One Centennial was the speaker portion in the auditorium, featuring TED Talks from students, as well as guest speaker Dr. Gina Massella.

Sophomore Hibah Khan delivered an uplifting talk about the importance of kindness, Junior Nicole Attram discussed unity in the face of adversity, and senior Samyukta Rao delivered  a humorous and humbling monologue about empathy.

In the future, Centennial hopes to absorb the lessons and messages shared and establish One Centennial as tradition.

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