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Fishing Club Success

Words: Casper Ambrose

This past Saturday, the Centennial Fishing Club took their second fishing trip this year to Wilde Lake. The club was successful in catching three large carp and one catfish in the two hours that they were there. After they caught the fish, they released them back into the lake.

Robert Yore, the Fishing Club’s sponsor, attributes the success of the trip to club president William Qu. “[He] does a great job of organizing everything” Yore stated.

Yore also said that Qu knows a lot about fishing and tries to pick places where he knows they will catch fish. Yore and Qu also plan to do hiking trips and community service activities with the club during the winter.

The club got started this year and plan to take fishing trips once a month. They are already planning their next outing to the Magothy river in Anne Arundel County to do perch fishing.

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