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Centennial Boys’ Coach Al Dodds celebrates 40 years of coaching at the Cross Country Banquet

Words: Sarah Paz

On November 12, the Centennial Boys’ and Girls’ Cross Country teams celebrated a successful season at their banquet. The season, which ended on November 10, resulted in a win for the Boys’ team and a third place finish for the Girls’ in the state meet.

The banquet started at 6:30pm and ended around 8:30pm. Runners and their families gathered to have a potluck dinner and recall the highlight of the seasons.

After the meal was finished, runners were called up by age and were awarded their certificates of participation. Coach Kevin McCoy reflected on the development of the seniors, saying that “every day was a joy, even though I didn’t act like it.”

But the wins weren’t the only thing that was celebrated. The announcement of the retirement of the beloved Boys’ Cross Country team coach Al Dodds led to much sadness from the members of the Boys’ team, especially for the seniors who had been coached by him the longest.

In his speech, Coach Dodds reflected on his more than 40 years he spent coaching, sharing the humorous moments of his career and the successes of his past teams.

After his speech, the Centennial Boys’ Cross Country team had speeches prepared for him, discussing the numerous times Coach Dodds had believed in them and impacted the way they are today. At the end, they presented him with a heartfelt gift.

Although he wants to spend more time with his grandchildren, Coach Dodds expressed the desire to continue coaching a few days a week for the Cross Country team.

Overall, the banquet was an event filled with joy and a bittersweet conclusion to a successful season.

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