Up the Next Rung: Athletes climb up to the Next level (Salman Hashmi)

The 2010-2011 school year is coming to an end, and when a new school year begins in the fall, so will another exciting year of sports.


The gaps that the class of 2011 has left might be big, but the athletes are ready for the challenge. The goals these athletes have are the same: become a leader on the field and bring back a championship to Centennial. Senior Chris Peterson and sophomores Trisha Mockapetris and Peter Vorel are among the rising athletes for each of their programs.
Peterson has played on the varsity team during his sophomore and junior year and has been regarded highly for his speed at the tight end position. He has received the honors of Howard County second team at tight end (2010-11) and captain of the junior varsity team during his freshmen year. Peterson sets the expectation to play at the highest level as well as “to get a winning record and play well as a team.”

Sophomore Trisha Mockapetris works relentlessly in the offseason in order to match last year’s level of success. Mockapetris’s dedication and hard work landed her on the varsity team during her freshmen and sophomore seasons, and she became captain of the varsity team last season. Her expectations are to lead the varsity team and regain ground from last year. Mockapetris exclaims that “it’s [going to] be a big change with many of the seniors leaving, but we’re going to make it work.”

Sophomore Peter Vorel is a vital member of the Centennial soccer team. He made the varsity soccer team as a freshman, and his experiences have morphed him into a leader on the field. Vorel, who was one of the captains of the team, has high expectations for each of his teammates. “I expect to be the best and motivate my teammates,” said Vorel. He feels optimistic about the upcoming season. “We should be good this year…We should be [in the] top three in [Howard] County,” said Vorel.