NEHS Epilogue

Words Contributed By: Philip Wang, Editor-in-Chief of Epilogue. Ally Paik, Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Epilogue

Reading does not have to be restricted to solitude. We believe that reading can, and should be, a communal activity. 

Founded through Centennial’s chapter of the National English Honor Society, Epilogue is a bimonthly online book review publication open to all high school students. Our intent is for students to have the freedom to genuinely explore their interests and to have a platform to share their praise or criticism without worrying about a grade or 5-paragraph structure. We hope readers will be able to spark lively discussions with authors. We are incredibly excited to announce the recent release of the fourth issue of Epilogue.

Each issue has a Genre-of-the-Month category, which pertains to a specific theme. We covered “Justice” in our July 2020 issue, “Human Nature” in our September 2020 issue, “Non-Western Literature” in our November 2020 issue, and “Renewal” in our most recent issue.

Our other categories include Literature, History, Science & Technology, Movies, Editors’ Choice, and an out-of-the-box category that encompasses poetry, philosophy, art criticism, and beyond. We have also invited teachers to submit reviews, having published Ms. McDonough, Mr. VanWestervelt, and Mrs. Morris in past issues.

We highly encourage all students to submit a review for Epilogue’s last issue of the school year, which will be published at the end of April 2021. While not every review can be published in the magazine, all submissions will be posted on our website. The reviews must be 500 words or less, and more information can be found at The deadline to submit is 3/15.


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