February Student Spotlight

1- What is your catchphrase?

2- Who is someone you look up to?

3- What is one song you would use to describe yourself?

4- What is something new you have learned during quarantine?

5- If you could go anywhere in the world right now (if it was totally free and if COVID wasn’t around), where would you go?


Grace Shen (Freshman) 



1- I believe in people, the human potential, and the possibilities of the mind. We all have the power.

2- There are plenty of them! I enjoy talking to people older than me, especially educators, because there’s almost always a lesson that can be learned from them. Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl Jung’s work has always been my favorite to read about.

3- It’s a tie between Why by Taeyeon and One&Only by Gowon (of LOONA).

4- The most interesting thing I’ve learned is how to quickly identify someone’s MBTI type and about the nuanced world of personality theory!

5- I would visit Pisa, Italy and walk around holding authentic focaccia in one hand and high five people while they’re taking pictures of themselves appearing to push the Leaning Tower of Pisa with my other hand.


 Yiteng Zhang (Junior)



  1. My favorite catchphrase is “slow and steady wins the race.” After reading “The rabbit and the turtle” it became one of my favorite sayings and I stuck to it ever since.
  2. I look up to my father, because he works very hard to provide the best for my sister and I. I am very grateful for the opportunities he had provided me and I wouldn’t be the same without him.
  3. One song I would use to describe myself with is probably “Stressed out” by Twenty One Pilots, this song is very relatable because growing up the people around me begin to put more expectations on me to act as an adult, and they don’t really ease you into it. Very much like a wake up call to  leave my childhood and join the real world.
  4. I learned how to make hamburgers from a grill. It’s pretty cool and yummy.
  5. I would go visit my grandparents, because it’s been two years and I have missed them.


Ethan Li (Junior)

1) “As long as it works”

2) My dad, he’s very hardworking and kind

3) That one song that goes “hello darkness my old friend”

4) I learned how to code

5) Probably back to China to see my relatives and eat too much


Sammy Molz (Junior) 

1) “Live it up”

2) I really look up to my sister. She has overcome so many challenges and made her dreams of playing D1 soccer come true.

3) “I Lived” by OneRepublic

4) I learned not to take life and freedom for granted.

5) I’ve always wanted to go to Bora Bora and stay in the huts on the water.


Kiran Vepa (Senior)

1) “Sorry I was asleep”

2) Pretty much everyone since I am only 5’3”

3) “Pursuit of Happiness” by Kid Kudi

4) I was trying to get into cooking during quarantine and I learned that cabbage and lettuce are not the same thing

5) I want to visit every continent at least once so if the trip was free I would go to Antarctica.


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