Seniors’ Last Week of School

The weeks leading up to graduation are always a fun time for seniors. Classes start to become easier, they walk the halls for the last time, and they are the first to get out of school for the year. 

The term “senioritis” is commonly thrown around during this time, emphasizing seniors’ lack of motivation. It takes one final push to submit assignments, show up to school, and complete all the last minute requirements before graduation. 

With a lot of celebration and dedication comes a lot of hard work. These final weeks can be a whirlwind of emotions and activities. 

Senior Kiran Vepa says that she feels a little overwhelmed. “Grades are due on the 21st so a lot of seniors are finishing up last minute assignments.” It is very common for seniors to get wrapped up in the commotion and easily forget about work when all this excitement is surrounding them.

Many seniors have mentally checked out these last couple of weeks and find it hard to maintain the busy pace of highschool that they once had. “The last couple of days of classes have been filled with lots of projects as school comes to an end,” shared senior Nicole Ouellette. 

Because of the hybrid schooling model, many seniors especially are finding it convenient to stay home. They are able to complete class from the comfort of their bed. This would have been a dream for seniors before the pandemic, but with a year of not seeing friends and teachers, many took for granted the times they had in school. “Coming back to school has given me a lot more motivation to participate in class and get through the end of this year,” added Ouellette.

The face-to-face interaction is something that this year’s seniors missed out on for a significant portion of their high school lives. With an already limited number of students allowed in the building, seniors are taking advantage of the shortened time and amount of people they are able to see. 

“I am really happy to finally be doing things with my classmates again,” stated Vepa. With less than ten days left for seniors, now is the time to be making those lasting memories. 

Others are mentally checking out and spending their time focusing more towards the future. With college right around the corner, some seniors are putting high school in the past.

“It’s been a struggle motivating myself to finish these last few assignments, especially since I know it won’t affect my grade as much,” expressed Senior Nour Eloseily. Having spent four years in high school, many feel as if the novelty of it has worn off. She added, “Since I finished my AP tests there isn’t much for me to do anymore.” 

No matter how seniors are deciding to spend their last couple of days, the end is inevitable. The four years spent leading up to this point is a time that many of them will never forget.


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