Stellar Spring Sport Athletes: Josh Flick

The 2021 Howard County spring athletic season is coming to an end and the state playoffs are quickly approaching. Most teams have competed in the majority of their games within their allotted seasons, and a few individuals have stood out for their stellar performances. One athlete in particular, from the Centennial boys’ varsity lacrosse team, is Josh Flick. 

Josh Flick, a junior attacker on the team, is one of the top scorers in the county this season. Flick averages four goals a game; his highest coming in at seven goals against Glenelg in the first game of the season. 

“Being one of the top scorers in the country does feel good and is a great accomplishment, but I can’t let that get in my head and I have to keep working,” said Flick. 

Flick entered the season with many aspirations to fulfill and still some he has yet to accomplish. 

“Coming into the season I wanted to be a part of the team and in general have fun. Of course one of my goals was to score a lot and impress coaches, family, and friends,” Flick mentioned. “Moving forward, I definitely want to try and become a leader and help out the team as much as I can.” 

Flick would like to thank his coaches for their unwavering guidance and support throughout the season. Along with the coaches, he is grateful for his teammates and the hardworking program they are continuing to build. 

“The people who have helped me the most are definitely the Coaches who are always supporting me and giving me advice throughout practice and games,” stated Flick. “I also think that the other two attack men Jake Ritter and Sam Bussink help me out a lot and have been my seniors and have led me throughout the year.”

Flick is looking forward to competing in the 2021 state playoffs. Their first playoff game is scheduled for Monday, June 7. The games leading up to the postseason are crucial in preparation. 

“To prepare for playoffs, I’m always watching game film looking at things I did good and things I can improve on. I’m also trying to practice everyday and stay in shape,” Flick added. 

Flick was also nominated for Howard County Boys’ Player of the Week on May 16.  

Due to the fact he is a junior, Flick has one more year of high school lacrosse ahead of him. He has not thought too hard about continuing in college, but is definitely open to the idea. 

“I have not thought too hard about playing in college but it is definitely something I am considering, I just haven’t made a full commitment yet,” Flick expressed.


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