Creative Trends to Kick Off the Summer of 2021

What is it that you’re going to be working on to begin summer? Is it going to be a change in appearance/aesthetic? Improvement with your cooking skills? Or maybe you just want to get out of the house more? 

After an entire year going in and out of quarantine, many have stayed in their houses, not presenting themselves to the world, which can change the habits of a person progressively, yet surely. 

With distancing protocols set in place, many people have begun to experience boredom, and along with that, social media and home-based entertainment rose to an all time high.

New streaming platforms seemingly come out every other week, along with new television shows and movies. 

And if you’re not sinking into your couch and slowly turning yourself into a potato while looking up at a screen, you’re more than likely craning down at your phone answering a Snapchat or finding out the newest TikTok dance. 

Due to the addictiveness of both of these screen-based stimuli, there have been lots of creative developments produced in these times.

Now, if you’re in dire need of cooking assistance, TikTok cooking content creators have got you covered.  

Content creators such as @itsqcp make goofy cooking videos and achieve as much as hundreds of millions of likes on a single certified account. 

@itsqcp does cooking videos a little differently, however. His account is mainly pasta related due to his silly Italian accent that he uses to capture his audience’s attention. And even though they may seem ridiculous, lots of people cook his video recipes and prepare meals of their own.

Meanwhile, in the real world and not in some digital utopia of funny videos, hope has not completely been lost for the human race. People do what they do best: adapt. 

Who better to adapt to the latest new fashion trends than Centennial freshman Kaley MacLellan?

MacLellan took a liking to rings almost immediately after covid hit. As time went on, people began to take interest in wearing and collecting rings for both boys and girls.

How can you buy a ring when you’re stuck in your house during a quarantine lockdown? The answer is to simply make your own. 

MacLellan bought silver wire, copper wire, beads, crystals, clay and paint all from her local Michael’s Arts and Crafts shop and made some pretty impressive rings. Soon enough, she had her friends and others asking her to make them rings. 

Yet, there was no point in wearing them and showing them off to the public when the public was hiding away in their homes. 

Steadily but surely, right as restaurants and stores opened up, a lot of people were on the same page as MacLellan, dazzling in their new jewelry attire. 


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