It’s Out With the New and in With the Old

If you’re looking to spice up your current binge watching schedule, look no further. With new streaming platforms being made available seemingly everyday, more and more people are given the opportunity to find boundless amounts of new television programs. 

It’s not hard to latch onto the latest TV show or action & adventure movie immediately after turning on Netflix or Amazon Prime. But to have the ability to travel down a long and mature movie trail and discover or relive old memories, long forgotten in the modernized mix, is a wonderful thing. 

Other than holding songful and memory-lane vibrations, movies like Singing In The Rain (1952), Mary Poppins (1964), and Sound Of Music (1965), are great musicals to kickstart your soulful summer. 

Each also has one thing in common that newer shows such as Big Mouth, WandaVision, and Rick And Morty all lack to exhibit. All three classic films share obvious pre-technoera themes, based around a 13 year marking period, where each got their fame and recognition through in-person, theater, screenings. No Disney+ to be found. 

If there’s more of an action/drama preference for an old film, take a swing at Citizen Kane (1941), Psycho (1960), Breakfast At Tiffany’s (1961), or The Godfather (1972). Citizen Kane and The Godfather are argued to this day to be the greatest films of both their eras, whereas Psycho changed horror film cinema and Breakfast at Tiffany’s defined the early 60’s. 

It wasn’t until the very first VHS was made that these movies were able to be played at the luxury of a home television by any and every American who had one. To think of a time where there were no mobile devices and flatscreen TVs may be hard for some, but an entire world was able to create great movies without them. Even if cinemas changed forever, that doesn’t mean we should just forget about the past. 

So next time when you’re watching on a phone, laptop, or television, try to dive deeper into the streaming platforms and keep an eye out for any hidden gems with dust buildup on top of it.


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