Big Name in Howard County Golf: Dustin Stocksdale

Centennial junior Dustin Stocksdale scored a career best on September 21, representing Centennial Golf in a match against Marriotts Ridge. Stocksdale had the lowest round by a county player this fall. 

Eagling his first hole, he finished with a round of 30 points; 3 under par. 

Before setting records, Stocksdale was first introduced to the sport at a young age, stating that he has been playing “Since [he] was three, [his] dad played a little bit and [he] used to go with him.” Over the years, he has built up his skill and pursued his passion to play, leading to many standout achievements. 

Playing any sport for that long comes with its challenges. Stocksdale specifically faced challenges after a growth spurt. “I grew five inches over the winter so building back up has been difficult,” he mentioned. A player’s change in height can alter the speed and angle of which they swing, and it can take a while to readjust. 

Golf is credited as a mentally challenging sport. Even with the best skill level, a game could be ruined by the thoughts going into each swing. When asked how he combats this, Stocksdale explained, “I just focus on what I need to do and after that just have fun.” Stocksdale lets his performance speak for itself, demonstrated through his advanced technique and consistency. 

Aside from representing Centennial, Stocksdale also represented the state of Maryland in the Capitol Cup, a tournament with players from Maryland and Virginia. 

As a junior, Stocksdale holds much promise for the upcoming year. At the end of his junior season, he placed 2nd in the Golf State Semifinals. This is only the start for Stocksdale, with his blossoming potential still ahead.


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