The Importance of Adopting Rescue Animals

Finding and adopting animals from rescue centers is not a new concept, but over the last few years, more people are turning to this method over purchasing pets from pet stores and breeders. Pets require lots of care and attention over their lifetimes, and for each animal, research is vital towards understanding how to properly take care of them. Most smaller pets have shorter lifespans, so depending on the pet owner’s age and living situation, some see this as an opportunity to have a temporary pet. As Centennial photography teacher and guinea pig owner Hannah Elliott puts it, “people buy these pets without realizing what goes into taking care of them… and they think that they’re just disposable.”

Rescue shelters, unlike pet stores, are normally local and more reliable than other sources. Animals from these centers are taken in from bad environments, whether its abandonment, hoarding/overpopulation, or sometimes even abuse. Whatever the situation, “No animal, no creature deserves to be homeless or abused or left without their needs because of a human,” claims Elliott. If pets have a traumatic history, it’s important for their owners to know so that they can address any existing behavioral concerns and care for them accordingly. 

When asked about the difference in adopting a rescue, Elliott says, “It’s a lot more trustworthy, because the rescue is sure that all the guinea pigs have had vet checks, make sure they’re in good health before adopting them out, make sure they’re not pregnant.” A common issue specific to guinea pigs is misidentification, which can lead pets to mate with each other and reproduce against the owner’s wishes.

For any prospective rescue pet parents, make sure to do your research, be prepared, and consider any other alternatives that would benefit animals in need of help. Deciding to rescue your pets can make the world of a difference for animals in need. In Elliott’s experience with rescuing her pets, she states, “Knowing that I made a difference in some of their lives just makes me feel very fulfilled and I know that to that guinea pig, I completely changed it’s life. And that just means so much to me.”


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