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Senior Crab Feast Takes Place at CHS (Miranda Mason)


Photo Credit: Navraj Karla

The senior crab feast took place from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. on October 18, 2012 in the CHS cafeteria. Seniors were served hot crabs as they sat at tables that had been covered in preparation for the feast.

Besides crabs, seniors also had the option of eating other foods as they talked with their friends and enjoyed the music playing in the corner.

In addition to spending time with friends, part of the crab feast experience is making t-shirts beforehand to commemorate the experience, something almost every senior in attendance did.

“Making the t-shirts was the best part,” Melanie Zheng said.

However, some students’ shirts were decorated with slogans that had an innuendo that was considered too inappropriate for them to wear, and they were forced to turn their shirts inside out before they could join the feast.

“We had to turn our shirts inside out,” Amber Kang said when asked what was disappointing about the crab feast.

Despite the problem with some of the shirts, the night was considered a success by Joelle Miller, an assistant principal at CHS who was helping to man the ticket table.

“Look at all the kids! I love this stuff. This is fun, and we love to come,” Miller said.

According to Senior Sponsor Erin Fisher, over 200 Senior Passports were sold this year, along with around 170 tickets for the crab feast. Miller attributes the successful sales to both of the senior sponsors.

“Ms. Fisher and Ms. Harris, our sponsors, are amazing,” Miller said.

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