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Weather Preparation (Shweta Maruvada)

According to The Washington Post, the East Coast is about to be hit by a Hurricane researchers have named Sandy. However, not only is a hurricane coming our way, researchers have found out other bizarre news – this storm will be a combination of a hurricane and another major storm. The prediction is that Sandy will hit our area as early as Sunday, showering relentless rains, winds and flooding like Maryland has never seen before. The major problem is not finding out if we are going to be hit – it’s the impact that this storm holds for our family and homes. So what should we do to minimize the impacts of this freak storm coming our way?

Most students at Centennial are well aware of this situation and already have safety plans. Senior Helen Kramer stated, “We’re buying staples like ice in case the fridge goes out, and taking reasonable precautions like not going outside in horrible weather or driving over streams in a storm”. Like Kramer mentioned, power outages and water problems are very likely in this weather, so keeping an extra amount of ice or water separate from any taps seems like a good idea.

CBC news also mentioned that gas and electric companies such as Potomac Edison are already gearing up for potentially thousands of power outages across the entire state of Maryland, since the storm will leave virtually nothing untouched. So keeping extra non-electric cooking appliances or doing the laundry right now, or saving some water in those big tubs could be of major assistance later on. Also, the safest areas during these storms are usually closed basements and areas away from any open windows. If you do have glass windows, be sure to close the blinds or shut them, because if the glass breaks, there will be a higher chance of someone getting hurt.

Taking small measures such as food, water and safety around the house may seem ridiculous now, but it’s always better to be prepared than be sorry later on.

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