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Cyberbullying Drop Box Available to CHS Students

By Miranda Mason

Ellicott City, MD – On Wednesday, November 28, 2012, a Cyberbullying Drop Box was added to Centennial’s website after action by the CHS Lines of Love club.

The Cyberbullying Drop Box allows anyone who witnesses an act of bullying to report it anonymously to the school by uploading a screen shot of the incident. Anna Bella Sicilia, a senior at CHS and member in Lines of Love, was the driving force behind getting this Drop Box put up, meeting with CHS Assistant Principal Joelle Miller to get the web page approved.

Along with helping to solve problems that arise from cyberbullying, Lines of Love hopes that this easy way to report it will discourage cyberbullying from happening, something Sicilia thinks CHS needs.

“I’ve been with Lines of Love for a few years now, and one of our missions is wellness. Cyberbullying is an area where we could improve, so something in that area is important,” said Sicilia.

Lines of Love has previously worked on the issue of cyberbullying, one of their projects being the precursor to the Drop Box: See. Support. Report. is a Lines of Love campaign that aims to get people to act when they see an act of bullying by providing CHS students with an email address and phone number where they could send screen shots of cyberbullying.

The Cyberbullying Drop Box can be accessed from Centennial high school’s homepage at under the site shortcuts that are found along the side of the page, along with under the student services tab.

You can navigate to The Cyberbullying Drop Box by clicking here.

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