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The Wingspan

Missing Artwork

Mou PaintingWords: Paul Didwall & Miranda Mason

Photo: Nan Collins (artwork by Morris Mou)

Late last week, a beautiful piece of artwork created by Morris Mou was taken from an art panel in the CHS hallway, according to art teacher Nan Collins. The painting took Mou between two and three weeks to paint and is very valuable to him. He needs this piece for his college portfolio. Any tips are appreciated and can be given to Ms. Nan Collins or emailed to [email protected].

Collins stated, “I have been here 18-19 years and seldom do we have theft.” Collins believes that the painting will be able to be tracked down through word of mouth. “We have faith that the people in this school will come forward if they know anything.” stated Collins. Her main goal is to get the painting back for Morris, not to punish who took it.

The Centennial Administration is very active in helping find the painting. “We have a continuous stream of surveillance, and I”ll watch it until we find who took it down.” said Collins.

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