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SGA General Assembly


Ellicott City, MD – On February 1, 2013, the Student Government Association General Assembly met to discuss upcoming events. Directed by student body president Farhan Bader, a junior, topics included a spring pep rally and a third school dance.

First, students debated the best activities to rev up the spirit at the pep rally occurring on Friday, February 8. They agreed that a ping-pong match, a basketball game, and a few rounds of blanket races would rouse the crowd.

Next, they dealt with the tricky problem of the school dance. As vice principal Kevin Dorsey explained, a failure to improve student behavior could result in a loss of dances in the future. “We’re trying to change a culture,” he told the General Assembly. “You haven’t seen the girls crying in my office because, caught up in the pressure of the moment, they did things they wouldn’t have done otherwise.” With this in mind, the students proposed various solutions. Pep rallies, punishments, and alternative options were suggested, but none were agreed upon at that time.

Discussions will continue at the next meeting, whose date is yet to be decided.

Be sure to show your spirit and wear school colors to the pep rally on Friday.

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