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Disastrous D-Lunch (Jordan Kudisch)

Feeling hungry and can’t wait to sink your teeth into that piled-high, mouthwatering sandwich? Yet as soon as you walk into that repugnant cafeteria you hastily lose your appetite?  Unfortunately, that seems to be the case most the time when these famished high schoolers hope to devour their lunches. When arriving at a table filled with half-eaten sandwiches and spilled juice that sandwich is no longer appetizing.
“Today I came into lunch and there were pretzels and french fries all over the table, and we tried pushing them off the table to eat but no one wanted to touch it!” exclaimed, Caroline Lawrence, a student at Centennial.
That’s only one, of many opinions that have to be said about this disturbing scene.

What else do students have to say?
“It’s disgusting and when you walk in and have to clean up everybody else’s mess it’s gross. Kids need manners, it’s not their home…it’s school,” Carly Cokas angrily stated.
Walking into a gross environment gives Centennial a bad appearance and keeps the students’ heads turned away. I know when I sit down for lunch the first thing I want to do after a long morning of work is eat — not do more work by cleaning up the lunch before mine. And we all know many people say,” It’s the janitor’s job, I shouldn’t have to do anything!” Well here’s a newsflash: it’s not. The janitors don’t enjoy picking up after you, just remember they’re not your maids.

How can we help?

We can change all that with a little team effort! If each student picked up his or her trash and perhaps another piece before leaving the cafeteria, we’d already be making a difference!  Taking part in small actions would be making a better change for our school and make lunch even tastier!
So the next time you walk into the cafeteria, grab some trash. Would that really be so bad? Let’s make a difference! Project Clean the Centennial Cafeteria!

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