Entergalactic by Kid Cudi review: Soundtrack or not?

Entergalactic by Kid Cudi review: Soundtrack or not?

On Friday, October 30th, Kid Cudi dropped his 8th and potentially final solo album, Entergalactic.

As one of the most influential musicians of the 2000’s, fans had high expectations because he was coming off a 2 year hiatus since Man On The Moon III: The Chosen, which was very well received by the public. Although some may say he has had minimal success outside of the Man on the Moon Trilogy, Cudi aimed to change the narrative.

The 15 track, 45 minute album was released along with an animated film under the same title, with the album as the soundtrack. Cudi clarified that the album wouldn’t sound like any typical soundtrack, but fans had their doubts. 

And as people feared, the album opened off sounding like a generic and bland soundtrack. The first few tracks came off dull and repetitive and was heading into a rough direction, up until previously released singles Willing to Trust‘ with Ty Dolla $ign and Living My Truth. These tracks were outliers compared to the others, and were definitely more enjoyable.

After more of what seems to be filler, the album had minimal life brought back into it with 2 features from young Houston rapper Don Tolliver, who slightly resurrected the feel of the album. His voice is very unique in a way that  brings a whole new aspect to the most somber and melodic tone that the album had covered. The 2 good features the album had were a solid way to close an album that was overall mostly underwhelming.

Overall, I am a bit disappointed. If this is the end of a legendary career for Kid Cudi, he will have done himself a disservice. Coming off of Man on the Moon III, I thought he still had the ability to make hits just like it was 2009-10 all over again, but this album was hit or miss, with mostly misses.


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