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The Wingspan

Principal Dr. Miller, photography taken by Hannah Kim

New Principal, New Policies at Centennial High School

Hannah Kim and Yeseo Lim September 26, 2023

Every morning without fail, Dr. Joelle Miller greets students as they walk into the building, lighting up the hallways of Centennial High School with her contagious smile.  Having started her educational...

The Chamber Orchestra performing at the Pops Concert

Pops Concert

Teju Reddi and Kinza Nadeem June 9, 2023

With many outstanding concerts of this year, the Pops Concert this May has truly stood out as spectacular, leaving many students excited for future performances. While it was the last concert at Centennial...

Top row: Kelly Vickers, Trish McDonald, Middle row: Susan Gerb, Stacy Cashmark Bottom Row: Cynthia Dillon, Bottom Right: Linda Norris

Leaving the nest: Saying goodbye to our retiring staff members

Tavroop Kaur June 8, 2023

As the school year comes to a close, students and teachers alike are looking forward to a couple months of rest and relaxation in the beautiful summer weather. In our excitement for the summer festivities,...

Will Hollywood ever be the same? What the WGA strike means for the film industry

Tavroop Kaur May 16, 2023

Since the early 1900s, Hollywood has been a pillar of American culture, taking on the role of representing American stories and lifestyles behind a smokescreen of glitz and glamor.  For decades, the American...

Alumni advice to seniors

Abby Rothrock May 16, 2023

As May rolls around, many students are feeling the “senior slump,” including non-seniors. While the race to the end of the year begins for underclassmen, many seniors have an even bigger priority:...

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Has Joe Goldberg finally found a worthy opponent? “You” season 4 review

Julia Bianchini May 15, 2023

TV’s favorite baseball hat-wearing serial killer, Joe Goldberg, has returned as creator Sera Gamble’s You releases its fourth season. Joe continues his problematic streak of finding death wherever...

Night owls in Centennial - The importance of sleep

Night owls in Centennial – The importance of sleep

Alice Kim May 4, 2023

The wondrous feeling of the sunlight, gently waking you up from your deep slumber. The moon has passed and a new day has begun. No alarms, just by the natural rhythm of your circadian clock, you wake up...

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Affirmative action case explained: How your college admission may be affected

Abby Conrad May 3, 2023

Students for Fair Admissions (SFFA) v. President and Fellows of Harvard College is a highly controversial Supreme Court case slated to overturn a long-standing precedent. The organization is suing the...

Teammates Antonio Camacho-Bucks and Sebastian Martinez

Centennial track stars race to nationals

Abby Rothrock April 18, 2023

From March 9-12, 2023, seven Centennial High School Students spent the weekend in Boston, Massachusetts at the New Balance Indoor Nationals, where they competed with the top runners in the country. Despite...

The Last of Us: An intense television adaptation of the acclaimed video game

Ryan Brown March 29, 2023

Too many people don’t understand the potential that video games have for the film industry. Even for those who don’t play many games, this form of media could open the door to success for many directors....

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90 seconds till the ultimate death: Doomsday clock update

Alice Kim and Hannah Kim February 27, 2023

We live in a world that is constantly surrounded by the frequent question of when the world will end. Throughout history, there have been many hypotheses to this question, namely the great change from...

A balancing act: How high schoolers walk the tightrope of employment

Rachel Middleton February 14, 2023

While it’s often thought of as a responsibility made for adulthood, many Centennial students made the decision to be employed, whether it be to save up for college or assist in supporting their families.  In...

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