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Women’s History Month: An Introduction

March was Women’s History Month: Here’s a spotlight on some of the remarkable female teachers at Centennial.

The History of Women in Education

In the late 1800s, women took to the schools, breaking the status quo of men dominating the field of education. Women quickly established themselves as leaders in the field by the 1900s, effectively shaping the teaching profession into what we know today. However, female excellence in this field did not come without its obstacles and detours.  

The new opportunity came about during the era of industrialization, when men left the field to pursue more lucrative employment in a labor force seen as more “masculine.” Teaching offered women a greater independence, but their rights were still embedded within a patriarchy. Teaching the young had generally been regarded as a temporary activity that men sought out before beginning their “real job.” As the education field increasingly became a more respected career, conversely, the appreciation for the women engaged in the profession did not increase with it. Women were constantly exploited, denied the social status of professionals and severely underpaid. These various injustices led female teachers to create the first teachers’ union — the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) — with the goal of getting a proper salary. After years and years of fighting for their expansion of rights not only as teachers, but throughout all professions, women have proved that they are worthy of the same treatment as men. Without women and their bravery, we would not have an education system of such value and significance.

Each year during the month of March, Women and their contributions to society are recognized and appreciated. The month is welcomed with a new theme that captures the essence of what it means to be a Woman. This year, the theme is; “Women Who Advocate for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.” Many Centennial teachers strive for the respect and equality of women, and share their stories of what it means to be a woman and feminist through a new lens.

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