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Alumni Feature: Andrew Adams

Alumni Feature: Andrew Adams

Abby Rothrock June 16, 2024

“Journalism can completely shift someone’s belief and passions and understanding of the world.” Wingspan alumni Andrew Adams reminisces on his experiences as part of the newspaper staff. Adams...

Alumni Feature: Jeff Amoros

Abby Rothrock June 13, 2024

Maryland politician Jeff Amoros states; “Being able to write is just such a foundational aspect of the working world, and it doesn’t matter what your field is.” Coincidentally Amoros’ passion for...

Fly High Wingspan: How the Wingspan Will Rebound From the Journalism Program’s Cut

Fly High Wingspan: How the Wingspan Will Rebound From the Journalism Program’s Cut

Tavroop Kaur and Abby Rothrock May 17, 2024

Since Centennial High School’s opening in 1977, the Wingspan staff have been writing and reporting fervently to keep their students updated on the happenings of the Centennial community. Whether it was...

Women’s History Month: An Introduction

Abby Rothrock April 17, 2024

The History of Women in Education In the late 1800s, women took to the schools, breaking the status quo of men dominating the field of education. Women quickly established themselves as leaders in the...

Womens History Month: Frances Galante

Women’s History Month: Frances Galante

Abby Rothrock, Photo Editor April 17, 2024

Centennial Social Studies teacher Frances Galante has been through ups and downs throughout her life that helped to lead her to the success she has reached today. From her challenging childhood to her...

Womens History Month: Michelle Flynn

Women’s History Month: Michelle Flynn

Yeseo Lim, Copy Editor April 17, 2024

Centennial math teacher Michelle Flynn is a firsthand witness to the progress made in women’s rights over the years. “[Growing up] I really saw particularly in history how much we didn't hear about...

Womens History Month: Katherine Parker

Women’s History Month: Katherine Parker

Abby Rothrock, Photo Editor April 16, 2024

In an attempt to bring awareness to the struggles of women throughout history, and to celebrate their accomplishments, Centennial has their very own Women's Studies Class. The teacher of the class, Katherine...

Girls and boys varsity basketball: The secret to a successful team

Girls and boys varsity basketball: The secret to a successful team

Abby Rothrock January 31, 2024

This winter sports season, Girls Varsity Basketball Coach Stefan and Boys Varsity Basketball Coach Slopek are certain that their teams will have lots of success, both on the court, and off. For Slopek,...

The Hunger Games: Ballad of the Songbirds and the Snakes

“The Hunger Games: The Ballad of the Songbirds & Snakes” review

Abby Rothrock December 21, 2023

The prequel to the Hunger Games book series; “The Ballad of the Songbirds & Snakes,” contributes a perspective that many Hunger Games fans have been eager to see adapted into live action and resulted...

Photo By: Jasmine Park- Wave to Earth concert

The concert comeback

Abby Rothrock and Tavroop Kaur October 13, 2023

This past summer, it seemed like every artist was going on tour. From Drake’s It’s All a Blur Tour to Morgan Wallen’s One Night At A Time Tour, and a myriad of genres in between, every teenager's...

Freshmen first impressions

Abby Rothrock and Jackson Palich September 19, 2023

Get know what the Freshmens and the principal think about Centennial.   For more breaking news and photos, follow The Wingspan on Instagram and Twitter @CHSWingspan. jy/ew

Alumni advice to seniors

Abby Rothrock May 16, 2023

As May rolls around, many students are feeling the “senior slump,” including non-seniors. While the race to the end of the year begins for underclassmen, many seniors have an even bigger priority:...

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