Volunteers handing water bottles out for Jackson residents (BBC News)

What’s the damage? Thoughts on America’s infrastructure

Rachel Middleton September 29, 2022

The current clean water shortage occurring in Jackson, Mississippi is raising questions and getting people thinking about what caused it, as well as whether or not this could have been prevented. Many...

HoCo student’s thoughts on dress code: Has it gotten stricter?

Abby Rothrock September 28, 2022

It’s important for students to have the opportunity to express themselves through clothing, and for the most part, Howard County Public Schools have tried to give students the chance to do so. This year,...

Spirit week

Abby Conrad September 27, 2022

Get ready for a spirit-filled homecoming week at Centennial! From October 3-7, students are encouraged to dress up in a range of outfits to show off their school spirit and gear up for homecoming on October...

Kartik Sullivan: The captain in the goal

Kartik Sullivan: The captain in the goal

Dawood Kashif September 23, 2022

Centennial High School’s own Kartik Sulivan has taken on the responsibility of not only being the man in goal but also being the man to lead the team.  Sulivan, a senior, started playing soccer in...

Photo from  Scott Paterson

Centennial senior sunrise runs on Dunkin’

Judah Williams September 23, 2022

On the chilly Tuesday morning of September 6th, Centennial’s top class filled the school parking lot with lawn chairs, Green Day’s “Letterbomb,” and lattes to celebrate “senior sunrise”, a...

Sarah Middleton poses for a BeReal picture.

BeReal: A more “social” media?

Abby Conrad September 22, 2022

Hearing “BeReal went off!” and watching a crowd of people quickly whip out their phones to snap a picture has now become a routine in our everyday lives. But how “real” is BeReal? And will the...

Photo from the Centennial and Hammond High School football game

Centennial Vs. Hammond

Jackson Palich September 16, 2022

This past Friday, September 9th, the Centennial Eagles varsity football team took on the Hammond Golden Bears in their home opener. The Eagles were coming off of a tough loss the previous week against...

Fresh impressions: class of 2026

Fresh impressions: class of 2026

Jackson Palich, Alice Semin Kim, and Haynie Kim September 14, 2022

Click on this link to learn about the Centennial freshman impressions thus far. Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1gOS-ZMj8CcmYVPyYj5ufnVLwUNhgRJZB/view?usp=sharing   jy/ew For more...

Finals season is approaching, and our experience is... nonexistent?

Finals season is approaching, and our experience is… nonexistent?

Pierce Pearson June 14, 2022

As the end of the school year swiftly approaches, the freshmen of Centennial are preparing their minds for their first ever high school final exam… and so are the sophomores and juniors. For the last...

“I Am. All of Us.”: A Kendrick Lamar review

Judah Williams and Jackson Palich June 13, 2022

One thousand, eight hundred, fifty-five days. That’s how long it has been since the last Kendrik Lamar album. Finally, though, Lamar has returned to the music industry after a five-year hiatus. He dropped...

Centennial’s top summer reads for sunny days ahead

Centennial’s top summer reads for sunny days ahead

Abby Conrad June 13, 2022

With summer right around the corner, Centennial students will no longer be burdened with homework, studying, and after-school activities. What better way to spend all this extra time than lounging by the...

‘Harry’s House’ album cover

Same As it Was?: Student’s react to Harry Styles’s new album, Harry’s House

Abby Rothrock June 13, 2022

On May 20th, 2022, Harry Styles released his third solo album, following the releases of his debut album “Harry Styles” and second album “Fine Line.” While Harry already had a large fanbase from...

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