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Junior Interviews – Class of 2014

Words: Emma Harring

This week the halls were filled with hundreds of juniors ready to impress. It was that time of year again: junior interviews.

Working diligently in English classes in the last few weeks to prepare our resumes and practice interviewing led up to just ten minutes, for some even less. I waited as people in front of me were called and directed to the various tables set up in the media center. I watched them talking with the interviewers, wondering what my experience would be like, wondering which interviewer I would be paired with.

As other students started finishing, I was told to go begin my own. I walked over and said with confidence, “Hello, my name is Emma Harring,” knowing that was at least one thing I was not going to mess up.

My interviewer asked me multiple questions about my resume and I described my volunteering experiences and school activities one-by-one. I thought in my head, “This isn’t so bad.” My nerves calmed down as it turned into a relaxed conversation rather than a tense meeting.

The interview felt like it lasted forever, but when I glanced at the clock I found it had only been five minutes. My interviewer wrapped up and began writing comments and checking off boxes. Appearance, check. Eye contact, check. As soon as it began, it was over.

Now, as I will receive my third quarter report card, it will no longer have the world of work requirement missing. Another high school requirement completed, and I am one step closer to graduation.

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