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Summertime Teachers: Your favorite staff members’ plans for Summer 2011 (Kari Dunagan)

With the school year ending, summer is at the forefront of students’ minds.  It is a time spent going to the pool, tanning, and hanging out with friends. While counting down the days, many people start making summer plans. But something that many people don’t consider is that it is summer vacation for teachers, too. Summer is a time for them to relax with family and friends of their own. So how will the teachers at CHS be spending their summers?

Spanish teacher Samantha Wilson will be traveling. This summer, she is going to Barcelona, Spain.

“It is a gift from [my parents] for getting my Masters in Counseling from John’s Hopkins University,” she explained.

She is looking forward to the many places she is going to visit while in Barcelona, including Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas, Pablo Casals Museum, and, of course, the beach.
Though Wilson has never been to Barcelona, she studied in Spain for one year in college and is excited about going back.

U.S. history teacher Sherri Levy will be traveling to Puerto Rico with her boyfriend, one week before school lets out. She will be renting a beach house there. Levy said, “There is lots of fun stuff there. There is a really pretty rain forest and historical place that we can check out, and of course we will be spending time on the beach.”  She has been to Puerto Rico by cruise once before, but didn’t get to spend much time there. Levy will also be substitute teaching this summer for summer school.

Math teacher Kathryn Grimm will be spending her summer working at a restaurant. She will be waiting tables and bartending.

“It’s a ton of fun!” she said. “Working in a restaurant is tough work, but you get to meet great people.  I’ve met some of my best friends from restaurant jobs.”

The downside?  “I hate being inside for a 6-hour shift!  Summer is the best time of year, and I’d much rather be by the pool reading,” said Grimm.

This particular restaurant in which Grimm will work has employees walk around in a bird suit playing with kids.  Sometimes for fun she dresses as the bird. Grimm will also spend the summer tutoring kids for the SATs and moving into a new house.

Whether a teacher or student, one thing is clear: everyone at CHS is anxiously looking forward to summer 2011! It is a much anticipated time after this long school year and will be a time to relax and prepare for the 2011-2012 school year!

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