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Prom Promise Assembly

Words: Ayesha Ahmad

On Tuesday, April 16, 2013 seniors and juniors were required to attend the Prom Promise assembly during  sixth period.

Prom Promise challenges students to consider the consequences-prior to prom night-of drug or alcohol use to help avoid impulsive and possibly regretful consequences.’

The assembly started out by Principal, Carl Perkins introducing the topic. “We promise to make it a safe event for you, but we want you to make a promise to yourself and us that you will do the same,” said Perkins.

Next, an officer from the Howard County police department presented the students with a PowerPoint presentation.  In the PowerPoint presentation he provided examples of serious car accidents that happened in Howard County due to drunk driving. One of the examples was of a 21 year old driver who was driving under the influence of alcohol on route 40 in Ellicott City. She took the life of two people who were driving back to Philadelphia after dining out.  In result, she went to jail for 5 years.  “I hope you take from this to not drink and drive and make decisions that will not cause the life of anyone,” the officer said.

Lastly, Centennial parent,  Barbara Watson presented her PowerPoint presentation about her son Matthew Watson. A man driving drunk hit the Jeep Cherokee that Watson was in and in result he passed away. Watson, who attended the College Park campus, was a front-seat passenger in the Jeep. He graduated in 2005 from Centennial High School, where he was a lineman on the football team and played saxophone in the band.

Perkins ended the assembly by saying, “We want you to have a great time at Prom, but we also want you to rise up the next day and enjoy the rest of your life.”

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