CHS National Science Olympiad Results

CHS MSO 1213 GroupCongratulations to Centennial High School’s Science Olympiad Team for representing Maryland in the 2013 National Science Olympiad (NSO). The team traveled to Dayton, Ohio, home of Orville and Wilbur Wright, this past weekend and spent two days and nights on the campus of Wright State University. After it was all said and done and out of 60 high school teams from across the nation, Centennial placed 19th in the big show—10 places higher than last year! This is a huge accomplishment for their second ever appearance at a NSO event—congratulations to everyone involved!

Amidst the team’s success were numerous individual accomplishments. Thirteen top twenty finishes included 20th in Anatomy & Physiology, 20th in Technical Problem Solving, 18th in Thermodynamics, 16th in MagLev Vehicle, 12th in Materials Science, 12th in Water Quality, and 12th in Green Generation. Top finishes included 10th in Disease Detectives by Ashi Agrawal and Mina Sun, 10th in Forensics by Vivian Wang and Lucas Chen, 7th in Gravity Vehicle by Jennifer Griffiths and Chris Lo, 4th in Chemistry Lab by Seung Lee and Aneesh Agrawal, 3rd in Remote Sensing by Vivian Wang and Hua Zhou, and 2nd place in Circuit Lab by Aneesh Agrawal and David Yeh.

This year’s National Science Olympiad team included Aneesh Agrawal, Ashi Agrawal, Ben Chang, Jacqueline Chen, Lucas Cheng, Jennifer Griffiths, Gabe Koo, Seung Lee, Chris Lo, Mayukha Pakala, Mina Sun, Vivian Wang, Tomohiro Yamaguchi, David Yeh, and Hua Zhou. The following students were active in this year’s club and tournaments but, unfortunately, could not attend the tournament in Dayton, Ohio. Their hard work should not go unnoted. They include Dakota Abernathy, Joseph Delatte, Qiyi He, Samuel Hong, Daniel Kelly, Joshua Kim, Dobrynya Konoplev, Namrata Nagarajan, Shreya Nalubola, Adit Sabnis, Soohan Soon, Liz Tsai, Gary Tse, Felicia Wang, Tim Zhan, Amy Zhang, Ge Zhang, and Hugh Zhao.