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Know Your Planet STEAM Expo

Words: Miranda Mason

Photos: Corey Grable

On Thursday, Feb. 27, the Know Your Planet STEAM Expo took place at Centennial from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. At this event, students presented projects that demonstrated how the environment relates to different areas of academics.

According to CHS Quicknotes, students from Foundations of Technology, AP Economics, American Government, English 12 Honors, Environmental Science AP, Earth Science G/T, Art, Photography and Math Analysis classes presented projects at the expo, as well as participated in a poetry reading.

Sophomore Teresa Whittemore spent several weeks creating a stop-motion video for her American Government class that explores renewable portfolio standards, which dictate that a certain amount of resources a state uses must be from a renewable source.

“We had to take an environmental issue and find a government policy that addresses that issue,” said Whittemore.

Junior Mayukha Pakala created a tri-fold board about composting with seven other students from her Environmental Science AP class. Her group also created a quiz in which visitors of the expo had to identify whether certain items, including an orange juice carton, a styrofoam lunch tray and string cheese were able to be composted.

Senior Christin Downie attended the expo for both her English class and as a member of the National Art Honor Society, and she believes the event was a good way to bring together the many different groups at Centennial.

“They definitely blended the Centennial community by combining STEM with art and English,” said Downie.

Patricia Reese, a Government and Economics teacher, had students from both of her classes presenting projects at Centennial.

“I love the idea that it’s all about the environment,” said Reese. “The students can see it through all the different subjects. They can see one topic through all these different lenses.”

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