Centennial High School vs. Annapolis High School basketball game (Jamie Imperial)

On Saturday, March 3, 2012, the Centennial High School Eagles basketball team played one of the most intense games of the season for the Regional Championship title against Annapolis High School Panthers to a sold-out crowd.
The Eagles captivated the crowd as they led the game with a three-point shot, and managed to hold the lead for three consecutive quarters. At one point, the Eagles held a 24-point lead against the Panthers, leaving Eagles fans confident that the Regional Championship title was theirs.However, the Panthers showed a fantastic fight during the fourth quarter, recovering the 24 points quickly and unexpectedly, leading the game into overtime. However, the Eagles never lost their composure, and played beautifully well, responding to every Panthers basket with a basket of their own.

The Eagles didn’t disappoint, however, and the crowd stormed the court as the team won with a very close score of 76-73. Afterwards, the team, along with Coach Chad Hollwedel, proudly cut down the net as they were crowned Regional Champions for the second consecutive year.

Congratulations to the Eagles for their exciting win! The Wingspan wishes them good luck as they go on to play the State Tournament at the Comcast Center on Thursday. Go Eagles!