1st P.O.V. Spring Softball Try-outs (Kari Dunagan)

The first day of tryouts were this past Thursday. It had rained the day before, so the fields were still a bit wet. The first thing that we were going to do was run the mile on the track. However, Lacrosse players were using the track to run so we left and went back down to the softball field. The original plan was to separate the people trying out for JV and varsity and try out on the two different fields. But, due to the rain, only one of the fields was playable. So everyone tried out together. We started with a jog around the field to warm up. Then we warmed up throwing. After that, we did a variety of throwing drills while the coaches evaluated us. Then we proceeded to split up to do fielding drills.

The second day of try outs, Friday, started out rather cold. This was a change to the day before which was very warm. We stated off the day with running the mile on the track. We had to finish in under 11 minutes. Almost everyone completed this, with the exception of about four people. After the mile, we went back down to the field. We worked on hitting the whole try out. There were several hitting stations set up. It was going very well until it started raining. The rain kept getting harder until it was pouring. From the field, we could see other sport leave as the rain increased. Yet we were still out there in the cold. Finally, we called it quits. The coach announced that final cuts would be made the following morning after out last try out.

Saturday morning we met in the gym because it was too wet to practice outside.  Varsity and JV were separated this time. Varsity practice was at 10. I attended both, being a sophomore. We had a final day of just a variety of drills for the coaches to finish evaluating all the players. In the end, two girls got cut form varsity, and nobody got cut from JV. Monday is the first day of practice. I’m looking forward to a great season!