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The Wingspan

Centennial Field Hockey’s Defense Excells

Words: Michael Moore

On Thursday, October 3, the Centennial field hockey team took on the Glenelg Gladiators in a field hockey showdown.

The first half started out as a defensive fight, with multiple saves being made by both teams. The defense, led by senior defender Olivia Canby and senior goalie Anna Cosentino, held off multiple Gladiator advances throughout the first half, putting out a strong performance.

The Gladiator offense finally broke through and put one past the Eagle defense with one minute left in the fist half. Glenelg dominated the time of possession in the second half, giving the Eagles very few opportunities to even the score in the second half. But the defense remained the same, and did not let the Gladiators increase their lead the rest of the game.

The Gladiators held on for a 1-0 win, but both teams played very hard, and put up a good fight.

Come and support the Eagles in their next game against Marriott’s Ridge on October 7 at Centennial.

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