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The Wingspan

Reflecting on Eagle Time

Words: Chythanya Murali

Eagle Time has just had its first trial at Centennial High School.  On Wednesday, Nov. 19, students were given 25 minutes after second period to hang out in designated areas of the school to enjoy or study for tests. For others, it was time to do the homework due tomorrow or next period.

Eagle Time was introduced by the Student Government Association. The president, Pranav Ganapathy, said that they felt that Eagle Time would be great for Centennial’s rigorous academic environment.

“The SGA talked about what was going on [at Centennial],” he said, “I saw the success it had in other schools and thought it would be beneficial for Centennial.” The idea was approved by Mrs. Hafets, the school principal.

Reviews about Eagle Time have been mostly positive. Freshman, Sumana Peddibhotla, felt that it was a time for finishing homework and studying done. “It was a good use of time and it is really resourceful,” she said.

Sophia Yao, a sophomore, also enjoyed extra time. “It was very nice,” she says, “I got more time to do homework and I finished an entire math worksheet!”

Many students also felt that the 25 minutes served as a great time to relax. “I like it. It’s a time to talk and de-stress,” said sophomore Rachel Scheetz. Others like Nicole Hammond also felt that it helped her get ahead. “It was a good way to spend time to de-stress and work on academic material to be ahead of the game,” she remarked.

However, the lack of mobility during the 25 minutes was problematic for some students like Deanna Yi. “What if I need help for two classes?,” she asks, “I can’t move around from one place to another.”

Ganapathy saw it as a success even so. “It went well and should continue,” he stated. The SGA plan on discussing whether to continue this program or not in January.

Eagle Time will continue each Wednesday till the end of December. The next Eagle Time is scheduled for Wednesday, Dec. 3.

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