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That’s Un-NEST-essary

Words: Giana Han

On Dec. 5, students went to their homeroom classrooms to participate in a Now Everybody Stands Together (NEST) activity.

NEST made a video based off of the movie Mean Girls which was shown to all the classes.  The NEST members reenacted scenes that demonstrated a cliquish attitude, and then NEST members would run onto the scene and say their newly coined phrase “That’s un-NEST-essary!”

Afterwards, students broke into groups and filled out a questionnaire about what they think a happy, positive school community would look like.  They were asked what a happier school would look like and what steps Centennial can take to create such a school.

The classes then came back together to discuss as a whole their thoughts on the topic.  During this period, the students shared a variety of ideas for improvement.

Mehnaz Ashraf said that her class thought, “The school should invite more speakers like they did with Jamie Utt because more people were interested in NEST after seeing the presentation.”

In addition, Ryliegh Ahearn’s homeroom discussed having the “compliment week more often.”

“It allows students to bring out their inner niceness,” said Ahearn.

“Our class said that students should be more open to talking to new people,” said Vincent Corazzi.

NEST will be meeting next during Eagle Time on Wednesday, Dec. 10 to discuss how the event went.


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