CHS Participates in Bus Evacuation Drills (Paul Didwall & Kyle Simpson)

With drills already occurring at the beginning of this week, Centennial High School will continue to conduct school bus evacuation drills over the next few days. The tradition of bus evacuation drills is put in place to ensure that students who ride a bus will be prepared in case of an emergency during their daily ride to and from school, in addition to other time they may spend on a school bus.
The Centennial Administration reminded students the proper procedure to evacuate the bus during the morning announcements on April 10, 2012.
1) The bus driver will give the command to evacuate the bus.
2) Two older students, designated by the bus driver will evacuate first, and assist other passengers’ evacuation.
3) Passengers will exit the rear of the bus in an orderly fashion, leaving all loose items (backpacks, lunch boxes, etc.) on the bus.
4) As a student exits, they are encouraged to sit at the rear of the bus, take the hand of the older student, and “scoot” of the back of the bus. Administration discourages jumping off the back of the bus, as this could cause falls, which could lead to injury.
5) After exiting the bus, students should gather near the bus, and wait for the bus driver to give permission to board.