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Centennial Halls Empty With Multiple Field Trips (Miranda Mason)


Shown above: Photos of the field trip to Gettysburg.

photos provided by Andie Henneberg

On Friday, April 13, two field trips on the same day drained classes of most of their students. Those who were out included science and technology classes, along with most students involved in music.

The first field trip started on Thursday, April 12, with most music students leaving for their 3-day New York trip. The second field trip departed Friday morning, with several classes going to the Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. Some of the classes that went were Earth Science and Foundations of Technology.

For the few students who didn’t attend one of the trips, a few of their classes were relocated to different rooms because their regular teachers were chaperoning. The hallways and classes were almost empty, some students even going to a class of one. This was a relief for most students, including freshman Mayukha Pakala.

“It was really quiet. The hallways were really empty, and I didn’t have to push anyone to get to class,” said Mayukha.

Students on the museum field trip were given a packet to complete, the contents and length depending on which class they went with.

The New York field trip was three full days, the students coming back on the fourth day. While in New York, they went to museums and saw an off Broadway show, The Blue Man Group.

More field trips are taking, or have already taken, place for some Centennial students. A trip to Gettysburg occurred on Monday, April 16 from 7:30 to 2:00, and a trip to Crystal Grottoes Cavern will take place on Friday, April 27 for Mrs. Griffith’s Earth and Space Science Review classes.

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