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Junior Mock Interviews

Words: Madhu Lal

On March 24-25, Centennial held the annual Junior Mock Interviews in the media center. Prior to the interview, juniors created resumes in English class, went over the format of a successful resume and reviewed the types of questions usually asked during a professional meeting. The lessons taught prior to the interview served as a way to boost students’ confidence when placed in a professional environment.

Shanea Bradley, an English teacher at Centennial said, “The mock interviews help students realize the importance of making a resume and prepare students for not only job interviews, but college and scholarship interviews.”

The individuals who conducted the interviews were all volunteers within the community. These volunteers sat with students individually and asked questions similar to those asked in a professional interview. At the end of the meeting, the volunteers critiqued the overall performance of the student during the discussion, their attire, their demeanor as well as the quality of their resumes.

Sargent Ashley Arizmendi, one of this year’s many volunteer interviewers, explained that all the feedback given to students is intended to help students create a resume with a “competitive edge.”

The insight and information, which was provided to students throughout the year,  demonstrated the importance of professionalism as well as showcased what being part of the working world entails.

Maddie Notti, a junior at Centennial stated, “The skills I’ve learned here, I can definitely take into the real world.”

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