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Salvation Army Canned Food Drive

Words: Caroline Chu

Centennial’s Salvation Army club has begun an Autumn Canned Food Drive, which runs from November 2 to November 20. Donations will be collected in first period classes, and Application Research Laboratory students can drop off canned goods in the front office. The drive isn’t limited to cans; boxed items such as pasta will also be accepted. The club asks that all items donated are non-expired.

In addition to the prize of helping others, the three first-period classes who collect the most items will be rewarded with a Dunkin’ Donuts incentive. Items donated will be sent to the Salvation Army Headquarters in Howard County. Many of the donations will allow families in need to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner.

The Salvation Army club will be collecting and counting cans on November 11, 18, and 20. On each day of collection, the top three first-period classes will be announced.

Last year, Centennial collected 2,273 cans, and the goal this year is to gather 2,600 or more. A meter displayed on the outside of the gym will showcase Centennial High School’s progress collecting food items.

“We really want to give back, especially during this time when we are celebrating how thankful we are,” senior Tracy Wong, co-president of Salvation Army, commented. “It’s especially cool that we’re helping families living in Howard County.”

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