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The Greatest Problem in School

Words: Diana Cagas

A significant number of people would agree that students are facing multiple problems in school. Balancing sports and clubs with schoolwork and maintaining good grades is the issue that many students encounter. Other students might come to the conclusion that their greatest problem is just the fact they have to wake up early in the morning.

According to principal Claire Hafets, “the biggest problem [at Centennial] is that the students put so much stress on themselves to succeed.”

Centennial has over 90 clubs for students to be associated with. Such clubs are Harvard Congress, It’s Academic, Science Olympiad, and Model United Nations. There are so many venues for the students and they set aside their own time to partake in multiple activities.

“Stress is the biggest problem because it can come from many different places,” said sophomore Kate Michel, “there are so many things that can cause it.”

How can such a problem like having stress be situated through? To Hafets, Eagle Time, one of the many considerable ideas the Student Government Association has planned, would be one way to help redeem the students’ time. With twenty-five minutes between 2nd and 3rd period, they are able to study for a test, catch up on homework, or meet with a teacher for additional help.

“I think the students really like Eagle Time. What I love about it is that everyone is taking advantage of it, but they’re not abusing their time,” Hafets remarked.

Hafets believes that students want for the school to be number one, otherwise they would not be working as hard.

Having many customs, the students put so much effort into their work. Despite the fact that they have so much to carry through, they show a prodigious behavior through it all.

“I will do whatever it is in the best interest of my students, and if it’s not in their best interest, then we are not going to do it,” Hafets concluded, “because [the students] are my number one priority.”

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