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County GT and All-State Bands

Words: Sandy Eichhorn

Contributions: David Matchim

The following students have been accepted to either the County GT or All-States Bands:

HS GT Band (Grades 9-12)
Ken Chen, Clarinet
Helen Yang, Clarinet
Tom Zong, Clarinet
Frank Kou, Tenor Saxophone
Jack Cole, Euphonium
Keegan McCardell, Horn
Jerry Sun, Clarinet
Ashley Chu, Flute

All-State Jr. Band (Grades 7-9)
Helen Yang, Clarinet
Valerie Hsieh, Clarinet
Robert Gao, Bassoon
Keegan McCardell, Horn
Joanna Park, Horn
Eric Ko, Trumpet
Alexander Wu, Tuba
Jackson Rowles, Percussion

All-State Senior Band (Grades 10-12)

Ken Chen, Clarinet
Claire Lee, Clarinet
Tom Zong, Clarinet
Polly Moser, Bass Clarinet Alternate
Lexi Wilkerson, Bassoon Alternate
Dora de Melo, Horn Alternate
Andrew Frommer, Trombone
Braden Vaughn, Percussion


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