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Changes in Eagle Time

Words: Vaishnavi Mahalingam

Next week, several changes, coordinated by the administration, Eagle Ambassadors, and the Student Government Association (SGA), are taking effect in Eagle Time.  Currently, students may go anywhere in the school, as long as they remain in that location for the full 25 minutes.  However, with the implementation of the new changes, the auditorium will be closed, the media center will become a “quiet zone,” and the gym will only be open on Thursday.

“The duration and frequency of Eagle Time will remain the same,” commented Pranav Ganapathy, president of the SGA.

The SGA received multiple complaints from teachers regarding students who were abusing Eagle Time, using it as a social hour that sometimes became disruptive.

“[The coordinators] worked together to make these changes in order to simply encourage students to use this time more productively and to decompress without breaking the rules,” Ganapathy stated.

The SGA hopes to have the changes in full effect by second semester.

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