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Food for the Soul

Words: Ashley Berry

On Friday, February 19, the Delta Scholars held their annual event, Food for the Soul, in celebration of Black History Month from 6 – 8pm. Students and families from around the county came to Centennial to enjoy a diner comprised of various “soul foods.” Along with a dinner, 15 students performed various poems, songs, and dances. Some of the performers were a part of the Delta Scholars, but some were students at Centennial who wanted to take part in the event.

Last year, the Delta Scholars asked students from Mr. O’Brien’s English classes to perform at the event as well. Unfortunately, because of all the snow and canceled school days, his students could not help this year. This gave more students in Delta Scholars, who would not have considered it otherwise, a chance to perform. According to Shalonda Holt, a advisor of the Delta Scholars, approximately 120 people came to Food for the Soul and the Delta Scholars raised around $700.

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