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Artist of the Week


Words and Photos: Jeremy Hall

Every week one student will be nominated to be Artist of the Week. Many art students at Centennial display their work around the school. Each week, one piece will be chosen, and the artist credited with the work will be nominated for Artist of the Week. Students are chosen by displaying their work around the school and one piece will be nominated to be the artist to be Artist of the Week. The student is then interviewed and their work is photographed.

Junior Sean Choe, enrolled in New Forms of Art, shows his skills in spray painting and 3-D sculpting techniques. Choe arranged and glued toothpicks together and spray painted over top of them to create his final product. Choe is proud of this piece because he says it shows that he knows how to use spray paint as a medium.

He has been making art since elementary school, “I like making art because I can escape from life for a moment.”

Although Choe has been creating art for years, he does not think he will pursue art as a major or career in the future.

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