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Pre-Medicine Club: Making and ImPACT

Words: Caroline Chu

Centennial’s Pre-Medicine Club is currently working to build toys for PACT, an organization that provides specialized child care and family support to families with special-needs children. The group plans to finish building the toys by May 1.

The club held a fundraiser to collect sensory items such as beads and bells, and is currently working to transform these items into toys for children with developmental disabilities.

The toys are designed to increase play in children with special needs, and make it easier for their caregivers to continue a play-based therapy at home. The reusable, custom-made toys will help encourage the development of fine motor skills, visual abilities, and the stimulation of cognition.

“It gave me an opportunity to educate others in our school about rare genetic disorders, and with more people helping out, the children at PACT will have better quality toys,” comments senior Carolle Isaacs, president of Pre-Medicine Club.

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