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A Freshman’s Experience in Choir

Words: Diana Cagas

Centennial High School’s choral department consists of three different choir classes: Chamber Choir, formerly known as the Madrigals, Women’s Choir and Concert Choir. Auditions are only held for the Chamber and Women’s Choir, having the expectations set very high for those interested in auditioning.

According to choir director Jessica Cummings, 85 students auditioned for the 2016-2017 choirs, although only a total of 49 students made it. Freshman Courtney McVicker is one of the many students who auditioned, and is currently a member of Centennial’s Concert Choir.

McVicker has had a lot of experience in the music field, stating that she has, “been in a vocal group since elementary school.”

As a former student of Burleigh Manor Middle School, she feels fortunate to have been involved in choir prior to being part of Centennial’s Concert Choir program. At Burleigh, McVicker was able to attend the American Choral Directors Association, multiple adjudications, choral competitions, and Solo & Ensemble.

“These experiences have given me the opportunity to build my voice and learn what I am capable of as a singer,” McVicker said. “It also allowed me to set standards for myself, which makes me want to improve and continue to raise those standards.”

When asked about the differences between the middle school and high school choirs, McVicker stated that the schools certainly have their differences. According to McVicker, her choir class at Burleigh read music at the fifth level. Comparing middle to high school, she believes that high school choir is more relaxed. Regardless, McVicker still enjoys being a part of the Concert Choir.

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