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Day of Silence

Words: Caroline Chu

On Friday, April 15, Centennial High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance club will hold a Day of Silence.

Anyone is welcome to participate in the event, and registration is not required. The event “is intended to focus attention on homophobia and anti-LGBT hate and violence,” said Ms. Gerb, sponsor of the club and a Computer Science teacher.

According to Emily Dahlgren, a member of the Gay-Straight Alliance club, “Almost 90% of LGBT students report verbal, sexual or physical harassment at school and about one-third of LGBT students stay home in fear of their own safety. Day of Silence is one way to make sure that these students don’t have to face these injustices.”

Dahlgren adds that “students all around the country aren’t receiving the same treatment as others just because of their sexual identity or orientation and I believe that this is an issue we can resolve if we all try to come together and make it happen.”

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