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Artist of the Week: Jessica Hoang


Words and Photos: Jeremy Hall

Centennial junior, Jessica Hoang, loves art because it is a phenomenal stress reliever and is a valuable exercise which allows her to express her creativity. Hoang is currently enrolled in Art III AP. Hoang claims that art is very important to her because it allows her to get through a stressful day.

Hoang has been creating art since she was young and plans to continue her practice throughout her life. Hoang says that art class is the only class that she looks forward to everyday. This is only Hoang’s second oil painting, however, she believes she has improved since her initial project.

This particular self portrait was challenging for the artist because she had to start over multiple times with the help of Ms. Collins in order to capture the style that she desired to create. Hoang says she is very proud of this piece because she was able to create a successful piece. Through trial and error, Hoang created a piece that she was fully satisfied with.


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