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Competitions This Past Weekend

Words: Vaishnavi Mahalingam

This weekend, Model UN, Model Arab League, and Science Olympiad held tournaments, competitions, and conferences.

Centennial’s Model UN participated in the Baltimore Area Model UN conference, hosted by Mount Saint Joseph and Seton Keough. Jack Grandolfo placed first and was named best delegate on the Security Council, Dora Delmelo was named best delegate on the Specialized Committee, and Philemon Kendzierski was named best delegate for Crisis Number Two. Connor Heslin was named best delegate and presented the best position paper. Brittney Murgesan was named Outstanding Delegate and placed second on the Specialized Committee, while Radhika Gholap, Gesna Aggarwal, and Alex Na received honorable mentions.

Georgetown University hosted a Model Arab League conference this weekend, where the Centennial delegation represented Saudi Arabia. Julie Wang served on the Summit of Arab Heads of State, Thomas Regnante on the Council on Palestinian Affairs, Amy Guo on the Council of Arab Environmental Affairs Ministers, and Niti Contractor on the Council on Political Affairs. Wang and Regnante were named distinguished delegates, while Guo and Contractor were named outstanding delegates.

Centennial’s Science Olympiad earned first place at Saturday’s State Tournament at Johns Hopkins University. Kathy Klyushnichenko, Sarah Ho, Helen Kuo, Angela Zhu, Suzie Byun, Jason Li, Eric Metz, and Tom Zong won gold medals. Emma Qian, Mahesh Sullivan, and Tomo Yamaguchi earned silver medals. Honorable mentions were awarded to Chy Murali, Felicia Wang, Nicole Meister, and Gordon Wu.

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