Preparing for AP Exams

Words: Nicholas Klein

One of the most dreaded times of the school year is the time of AP exams. Occupying the first two weeks of May, the AP exams last around three hours each. Getting a good score on the AP is in the minds of many students at Centennial High School, and preparing for the exam properly is important.

Resources are available in classrooms, in libraries, and in stores, providing essential information for the AP exams. Jacob Boeye, a sophomore at Centennial, has used these resources to his advantage. To prepare for his upcoming AP exams, he “bought the Princeton Review books and [studies] for hours every week.”
Adam Kelemen, a junior at Centennial, is currently preparing for his Calculus AB exam. “Every day for two months prior to the AP, I [have done] practice free response questions or practice multiple choice problems from previous AP Calculus exams,” said Kelemen.
The AP exams are not something to take lightly. Hours upon hours of studying and practice are needed to receive a good score. However, by using resources such as practice exams and review books, students can make the AP less worrisome and give themselves a much better chance of doing well.
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